Trigger finger

Trigger finger or stenosing flexor tenosynovitis is a specific type of tendonits that affects the flexor tendons of the palm. Within each finger there is a flexor tendon that travels through a series of pulleys similar to the way that a fishing line travels through the line guides on a fishing pole. Trigger finger occurs when inflammation occurs within the body of the tendon or within the pulley itself which limits motion through the pulley mechanism.

Common causes of trigger finger include tight grip use of tools without adequate protection or padding. Activities like using a hammer without work gloves cycling without writing gloves can lead to inflammation in the affirmation system and loss of function. inflammation of finger flexor tendons causing pain and limited grip.

Trigger finger can be treated by attempting to reduce the inflammation in the system. This may involve anti-inflammatory therapy and physical therapy. If this is not successful aftertime one may require surgery.

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