Traumatic Wounds

A traumatic wound is an injury that causes tissue damage to multiple structures. This could be a slip of the bagel cutting knife, a dog bite, or a bad burn. All of these injuries cause a shock to the tissue and are prone to infection. Prompt evaluation by a physician is required.

Traumatic wounds are frustrating because they do cause pain, drainage, and can be unpleasant to look at. Because the tissue is not always evenly injured they do not heal the way a simple paper-cut might. They can’t be sewn up neatly because this might seal in infection. The best way to treat these wounds is to keep them clean and provide the best coverage.

Cleaning and covering the wound can be a long process carried out by a physician or a wound care team. The wound might need to be washed with sterile water or saline twice a day. Bandages used might be soaked in silver solution to prevent bacteria formation. Some wounds require coatings that are made with antibiotics, gels, and drying agents. If a wound is large enough a skin graft might be necessary to help it heal more effectively and faster.

It is a good idea to be checked out by your physician to determine if a traumatic wound needs more care than simply a bandage daily.