Ganglion cyst

Ganglion cyst are benign lumps that develop along joints and tendons usually at the wrist or the back of the hand. They are filled with a gel like substance similar to synovial fluid. They also sometimes have stalks that emanate from the joint below. They were previously thought to be direct extensions from joints similar to herniations from the abdominal cavity. One common moniker for this condition is “Bible bumps” because historically they were treated by smashing a heavy book on the cyst interrupt the wall and improve its surface appearance (this approach is not recommended).

The exact cause ganglion cyst is not known. The main store stay for initial therapy involves anti-inflammatory therapy and watchful waiting. It is known that approximately half of ganglion cysts will resolve with time. The others that remain can be treated. Non-operative management ganglion cyst may involve needle aspiration of the gel -like contents with or without injection of anti-inflammatory medication. Surgical management involves excision of the cyst while protecting surrounding structures.