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Why Can’t My Surgery Be Laparoscopic?

One of the clever advertising campaigns at a hospital I trained in featured an open pack of lifesavers on a billboard. The tag line was “have surgery through an incision this big.” There are some key factors you should know about how a laparoscopic surgery is carried out, the risks associated, and why sometimes an [...]

Dr Google

Part I: How do you know where to start looking? The blood tests are done, the x rays taken, the docs have weighed in, and a diagnosis has been made. In some ways it is a relief: you have an answer as to why you haven’t been feeling well. But. . . now what? What [...]

Color of the stool

As uncomfortable as it may be for a person to discuss their stool and bowel habits in casual conversation, in a general surgeons office is all too common. Just this morning Mrs. Johnson noticed a change in the color of her stool. She wondered whether or not this could be related to how poorly she'd [...]

Protecting your hands

Looks like the weather is finally starting to break. As the warm weather approaches and you become inspired to clean up outside, it's important to remember to protect your hands. I am Dr. James Lyles with Gordon Surgical Group  and then hand surgeon. I recently had a patient come into the office inquiring about strategies [...]


You might've heard over the last few years recommendations to include yogurt and a balanced diet. Yogurt is a common source of probiotic bacteria. Recently in medical science we can understand the body as a biome. A biome is a naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, in this case the [...]

What is “laser surgery?”

Sam was in the emergency room with abdominal pain and had just a had a CT scan. The ER doctor called me with the results, which showed Sam had appendicitis. I went to see Sam, and explained to him that his appendix was causing his pain and recommended surgery to take it out. Sam’s first [...]

carpal tunnel syndrome

It had only been a brief two hours after she had fallen asleep for the night when she was awoken from sleep with pain in her left hand. This is been going on for months, and seems to be affecting her performance during the day at work. During her appointment I confirmed for suspicion after [...]


Laparoscopic surgery has revolutionized the medical treatment for many types of internal disorders. This modern medical procedure is preferred by surgeons over traditional surgery. Traditional surgery, also referred to as open surgery, requires wide abdominal or thoracic incisions. Open surgery has a high morbidity rate, as patients can develop a wide range of post-operative complications [...]


When an organ or tissue abnormally protrudes out of the body cavity, it’s called a hernia. The most common hernias, by far, develop in the adbdomen. In this case a weakeness in the abdonimal wall turns into a centralized hole, through which an organ or tissue will protrude. Hernia’s are often times compared to the [...]


There are many unpleasant symptoms and diseases associated with constipation. Hemorrhoids is one such symptom and many doctors or practitioners say, ”it’s not a serious condition.” As a natural nutritional consultant, I say, “Hemorrhoids are a condition you need to treat, or better yet, eliminate.” You need to listen to all symptoms you have to [...]