Color of the stool

As uncomfortable as it may be for a person to discuss their stool and bowel habits in casual conversation, in a general surgeons office is all too common. Just this morning Mrs. Johnson noticed a change in the color of her stool. She wondered whether or not this could be related to how poorly she’d been feeling over the last two weeks.

Protecting your hands

Looks like the weather is finally starting to break. As the warm weather approaches and you become inspired to clean up outside, it’s important to remember to protect your hands. I am Dr. James Lyles with Gordon Surgical Group  and then hand surgeon. I recently had a patient come into the office inquiring about strategies that he could use to protect his hand from re-injury.


You might’ve heard over the last few years recommendations to include yogurt and a balanced diet. Yogurt is a common source of probiotic bacteria. Recently in medical science we can understand the body as a biome. A biome is a naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, in this case the human body.

carpal tunnel syndrome

It had only been a brief two hours after she had fallen asleep for the night when she was awoken from sleep with pain in her left hand. This is been going on for months, and seems to be affecting her performance during the day at work. During her appointment I confirmed for suspicion after a brief clinical exam reviewing her nerve conduction studies she had carpal tunnel syndrome.