What is “laser surgery?”

Sam was in the emergency room with abdominal pain and had just a had a CT scan. The ER doctor called me with the results, which showed Sam had appendicitis. I went to see Sam, and explained to him that his appendix was causing his pain and recommended surgery to take it out. Sam’s first question was,

How to Recover From Gallbladder Surgery

Linda had just had her gallbladder taken out. The surgeon was able to do it laparoscopically, with the camera and the small holes, instead of through a bigger incision; and, after she had woken up in the recovery room, Linda realized the really bad pain in her upper right abdomen was a whole lot better.

5 Signs You Might Have Appendicitis

Chris wasn’t feeling well. He didn’t have pain, really; his belly just didn’t feel right. He figured it was gas pains, and tried going to the bathroom, but it didn’t make much difference, and he thought it would just go away in a little while. He slept okay, but woke up still with a vague,